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When is the last time you felt that magical buzz of excitement 

that comes when you solve a problem that's been bugging you? 

That Eureka! moment of clarity? 

Has it been a while?

Stop waiting around for the flash of insight... 
You don't have to spend days wrestling with challenging problems.  

You don't have to miss out on promising and lucrative opportunities.  

You just need to learn how to create breakthroughs - any time, any place.
Instead of wasting time, floundering for ideas, and being stuck doing things the same way you always have…
Solve any problem, open your creative potential, and break down your mental barriers. With 15 strategies I’ve developed, 
we will work together to dissolve your creative blocks, get inspired, and take action in your work and life!


 The email course that will flip your thinking to give you bigger, better breakthroughs.
"Creating Breakthroughs made me think critically and actively use my brain."
Jessica M.
Small Business Owner
  I've spent years researching creative thinking and innovation and teach it at the university level.

I've worked with start-ups and entrepreneurs on thinking out side the box to position their products and enter markets.

Now, I've distilled my experience into the key lessons you need to have big, unique, game-changing breakthroughs.

You CAN solve problems more creatively and I can teach you how.

  If you think breakthroughs are only important for entrepreneurs or corporate professionals, think again.

Thinking creatively and solving problems is important for every aspect of your life.

Relationships require creative thinking - finding meaningful compromises on those little things you do that irk each other or one partner's obsession with a sports team.

Raising kids requires creative thinking - trying to convince them to keep their room clean or do their homework without fighting about it every day.

Even rearranging furniture or organizing a closet can benefit from thinking creatively. Find the perfect spot for the awkwardly shaped end table or the shoes you only wear once a year. 


  "I am keeping all of the lessons for future reference when I have something to think through."

Jess V.
Photographer & Student
The best part of this program? You can use it over and over again, no matter what comes up -- you’ll be able to handle anything that gets thrown at you.  

  You can use Creating Breakthroughs:

In Business
To find new clients, increase sales, develop killer new products or services, implement systems, and create efficiencies
In Life
Connect more deeply with your partner, children, and parents, and find better balance between work and play
In Voluneteering
Increase participation or fundraising, reach out to an underserved population, and increase your impact

"This course really gave me the boost I needed to work through some tough problems.

The tools and techniques are great, and I know I'll put them to use again.”

Lisa O.
Pharmacy Tech
Create Breakthroughs in Every Area of Your Life!
Only $97

You get 15 days of actionable contentdelivered each morning. 

Topics Include:

1. The three main mental barriers that block your creative genius and how to bust them down
2. Fun and interesting creativity exercises to build the creativity centers in your brain
3. Step by step problem solving processes to conquer any challenge
In addition to all of that, you also get:
● A pre-course worksheet on finding opportunities (when you don’t have a problem that needs immediate solving) to discover the best way for you to improve your business or life


"The Creating Breakthroughs course really helped me think differently about problems at work. I think everyone should should learn these skills and techniques."

Jenn V.
Retail Store Manager

  After you sign up, you'll get your bonusopportunity worksheet 

and the first course email will arrive the next day. 


  I'm stoked about the course and the potential it has to change the way you think, 

giving you massive breakthroughs in work and life.



This is a digital product that can't be returned or given back the way a physical product can.

However, I want you to be happy with your purchase because your happiness is important to me.

To balance this, I am offering a full refund through the first week of the course.

Try it out, and if you aren't happy or don't find it useful, email within 7 days and let me know. I will refund your money and take you off the course list.

Get in Now and Start Creating Breakthroughs
Only $97
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